We have a large children's department that is broken down into two age groups: Preschool (infant-kindergarten) and Elementary (first-sixth grade) that focus teaching them how to have a relationship Father in Heaven.

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Our student ministry, "C.R.E.W. (Created to Reach the Entire  World)", has one mission in mind: Unleashing, single-minded, Christ-centered, biblically anchored, world-changers. Deuteronomy  6:4-9


We offer a young adult ministry, Matrix, for ages 18-23 built to assist in equipping young adults in creating and maintaining a relationship with The Father.

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The adult years 24 - early 30's are years of many first.  First professional jobs, first homes and for some, marriage.  These crucial years as many life commitments are made.  The goal of EBC's Young Professional "LifeGroup" ministry is to guide young adults in making good choices t hat are biblically based to enable them to succeed in these exciting yet challenging adult years.

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Our adult ministry is composed of groups that span over the different stages of life.  Whether you are a young adult or a 60 plus aged adult, male or female, there is a well-suited group for you.  Our goal is to see you grow through the power of Jesus Christ, to help you know the saving power of Jesus and grow mature in your faith as a believer. 


Our Sr. Adult ministry is composed of those 60+ years of age.  Many in this age range are working in jobs or own their own business.  Others are partially or fully retired from work outside the church.  However, they are engaged in serving the Lord in many ways.  If you are in this age range, you are invited to participate in the programs and activites that are provided at EBC.


We have a music ministry that is composed of a talented choir and team of instrumentalist. Our Sunday morning services tend to both the traditional and contemporary styles of worship