Gospel Project


What happens on Sunday?

Kids are divided into groups based on their ages. These groups are led by awesome adults who provide ;loving and caring environments that give children favorable early impressions of church and the God who loves them. As kids arrive they go to their groups where teachers lead them in fun activities that preview what the day's lesson is about. Then 3-year olds up to kindergartners go to large group where they sing their song of the month and the the kids return to their small groups where they do additional activities that reinforce the lesson of the day. 


What do we teach?

Our emphasis of Preschool Bible study is not just to fill up our 3-,4-,and 5-year-olds with Bible knowledge, but to show them what it looks like to fall in love with Jesus. 


Through the Preschool Gospel Project children will make a chronological walk through the Bible, gospel-centered teaching, preschool and elementary teaching plans are aligned so kids of all ages will be talking about the same topic - making it easier for parents to have discussion at home. Bible stories are brought to life through creative teaching elements. 


The Gospel Project takes it to a whole new level, wanting kids not just to hear the Bible stories that are easy and fun to tell, but also teaching them the stories that are hard - because the WHOLE BIBLE is God's Word. The awesome part about 


The Gospel Project 


is that both preschool leaders and the kids they teach are being discipled! 


Our prayer for God's Church is that we would be a part of teaching the next generation to be passionate Christ-worshipers, and that we would be a people who challenge our little ones to take on hard truths of God's Word rather than shying away from them.  


Parent Resources 

We strive to provide parents with simple yet effective resources to maximize their influence in the lives of their children. 


Parent Cues 

A Parent Cue is a weekly resource that emphasizes certain times for parents to create teachable moments with their kids. By following simple CUEs based on Deuteronomy 6:7, a parent can make the most of everyday moments to instill faith and character in the heart of their child. Parent Cues are handed out to parents every Sunday as they pick up their children. Monthly Parent Cues are available at the children's welcome desk. 

Parent Cues are also available via smart phone apps: Apple and Android

Parent Blog

There is also a 'Parent Cue' website and blog with resources that help parents expand their ideas, skills and influence. 

Check it out here!